FCCLA Writeup


Addison Edwards, Journalist

FCCLA means Family Career and Community Leaders of America. But for Mrs. Campfield and Mrs. Pilkington, FCCLA means building community.

 Down in room 627, Mrs. Campfield and Mrs. Pilington organize community service projects, fundraisers, field trips, and much more. 

The root of this organization started on June 11, 1954, in Chicago IL. Since that day, FCCLA has extended throughout the country spreading hope and positivity to students through team competitions that go to state and even nationals!

This club has a significant positive impact on the health of our nation’s schools. “FCCLA really wants to give back to our community.” -Mrs. Campfield

You may be wondering, ‘How can I join?’ Don’t worry, it’s never too late to get involved. You can talk to Mrs. Campfield or Mrs. Pilkington.