Is food not as good as it used to be?


Nathan Pierce, Publisher/Journalist

We hear our parents all the time talking about how good the cafeteria food used to be. Is it getting worse? Is the food as appetizing as it used to be?

Let’s see what a 7th-grade student has to say about it, “ The lunch ladies do great, but the quality of the food is not good I think a good thing to do is to add water to the drink options”-Zoey P. Do all students think this? I don’t think it’s the lunch ladies’ fault. Is it the quality of food that the district is providing?

Let’s see what this 8th-grade student says about it, “I believe the food is the same as it was pre covid and the Lunch Ladies deserve more credit with minimal resources”-Ava G. Interesting some students enjoy it.

Well, let’s ask a 9th grader, “The food is not good, but it’s not the lunch ladies’ fault it’s the district, lack of quality to the food is what is our problem, but I do enjoy the salads”-Diego P.

We’ve heard from students about the people who make the food they probably have an opinion. “I enjoy the food here we are working on trying to get more choices; for example, the mozzarella sticks were given much love, and since the beginning of the year, we have incorporated jojos. The food seems to fill some of the kids more and seconds are an option. I feel like it depends on the kid and where they’re going to school from.” The lunch ladies also have a special announcement “we are switching out nachos on Tuesdays and Thursdays to a pasta bar for the month of November!”

Enjoy your lunches and make sure you thank a lunch lady for making it.