How Smoke Is Affecting Eastmont School District


Camille Child, Journalist

Here in Wenatchee, we are going for 3 weeks in a smoke-filled valley. Several fires are causing this airborne disaster. The smoke has caused terrible (but necessary) changes to the school’s lunch, sports and has affected kids’ mental and physical health. 

The students at Sterling Jr. High have the option to eat lunch inside or outside. There are a lot of kids who enjoy eating their lunch in the Bowl and courtyard or going outside for recess. But due to the smoke, Sterling Jr. High has been forced to bring all the activities inside. This has caused an overcrowded lunchroom and gyms. 

Sports have also been affected by the smoke. Fall sports that are in season are girls’ soccer, girls’ volleyball, boys’ football, and girls’ and boys’ cross country. The smoke has caused sports to have inside practice. This is difficult for both the coaches and athletes. Practicing indoors throws off normal practices that have been planned, and that will help the athletes do the best they can. Also, teams could not practice on their normal fields which prevented them from doing certain drills and practices. Not only practices but games as well have been canceled; this has caused a major inconvenience to our athletes who have been training for games and not being able to perform at our and other schools. 

Students’ mental and physical health has also been affected by the smoke. Some students in our schools have been diagnosed with asthma, but others are just sensitive to the smoke. This can cause headaches, sore throats, and dizziness. This can impair their learning and affect how they perform. As we all know the smoke creates a dreary atmosphere. Not seeing the sun and not being able to go outside for extended periods of time hurts one’s mental health. Students already deal with stress and anxiety from school. This smoke situation has only added to the potential depression and anxiety. 

Because of the smoke, lunch and sports have been forced to be inside. This has caused annoyance to students, athletes, and coaches. Students can not eat or play outside, sports have been canceled, and students’ physical and mental health was affected. We are certain that everyone at Eastmont and the entire valley will be thrilled when the smoke leaves the valley.