Year-Round School: The Good and Bad

Ella Risdon and Everleigh Lawson, Journalist

Year-long school sounds like a nightmare to most students. At least, that’s what the majority of our interview subjects said. 

“I need my summer break. Having school year-round would really mess up summer vacation.” Alex Petty stated. He’s right; having year-long school would negatively impact family vacations and together time. Students wouldn’t be able to have unique experiences that typically happen on summer vacation. Having school year-round could also make it more difficult on parents’ already hectic schedules.

 Not only that, but some students have sports in the summer. Trying to juggle sports and school at the same time is never an easy task, especially when that sport is in summer. “I do surfing during summer vacation, so having school during that time would really mess it up.” Pason Stimmel proclaimed during his interview.

However, a year-long school could actually be beneficial for students. Nathan Pierce said during his interview, “Year-long school would let us have 2-week breaks after 6 weeks of school. That sounds like a steal to me.” Olivia Erwin stated, “We could have more sports options if we had school year-round.” A year-long school schedule would create less boredom in the summer. Not only that, but it would keep students from going down the dreaded “summer slide.”

What do you think? Is school going year-round a dream or a nightmare? 


Interviews by Ella Risdon and Everleigh Lawson. 

Written by Ella Risdon.