Pre-game Pump Up

Pre-game Pump Up

Derek Plank Donivon Torres, Journalist

As you know, sports players are our number one entertainers. We asked a handful of sports players how they get motivated and prepared for the game. This was their response to our questions.


Interview 1:

Tyler Lee says “When we’re in the locker room we play a song, the song we usually play is “Took her to the o” by King Von. On the bus we get ready mentality. Home games we get fired up in the locker room. “Whenever there is any guy in front of me, I envision hitting him.” Protecting his team means everything to him. Also what motivates him is that he doesn’t want his coaches to .


Interview 2: 

Maddison Smiddy says “It’s mostly a team thing, we do a chant or a cheer. It’s knowing whether we lose or win, no one’s going to be upset, and there is no punishment for messing up.”

Interview 3:

 Marcos Leyva motivates him by listening to music before a game. He says “What motivates me to win the game is my family watching me.”.            


Interview 4:

 Nash Moser says “I start off by listening to heavy rock music to get in the zone, and tune out everything else around me. Then at the game do some warm ups.” “To win the game, the team and my family like to see me do well.”                 


Interview 5:

 Hayden Thorton says “My playlist I listen to”. “Don’t Play that by King VON.” We asked Hayden what motivates him to win the game, He told us “Getting out there and destroying kids. I like to hit hard, and trash talk.”


Interview 6:

 Kyle Schmauder says “I think about just hitting the other team hard, It’s fun, I like playing football” We asked Kyle what motivates him. “Winning motivates me, not having to do ups downs, also my parents are watching and my grandma said “she is proud”.  “      


Interview 7: 

Cassie Velasco says “Stretching, running and pregame” gets cassie ready before the game. “The coaches gives us treats and less intense practice if we win the game” What reward is mentally for cassie “Mentally I would be proud of myself and it improves my confidence.”



Interview 8: 

Kate Vibbert says ”Encourage the team.” We asked what makes Kate motivated, she says “Pride and Encouraging words from the coaches”  


Most sports players find motivation in a variety of things. These things mostly consist of making their family/relatives or friends proud. The sports players also try to win the game mostly from punishment from their coaches if they lose or being rewarded if they win. In the end sports players are very humble even if they win or lose.