Class Opportunities Debate

Ella Risdon and Everleigh Lawson, Journalist

Reporters Ella Risdon and Everleigh Lawson interviewed many students throughout Sterling about their opinion of popular debate questions. First was the question: what subjects do you think we should teach in school? 

Kiera Polak thought that a class solely dedicated to cursive would be useful. Olivia Erwin suggested a baking class, and Nathan Pierce proposed sports education. Shelby Howe thought that culinary classes and country dancing would be great, and Pason Stimmel wants more in-depth tech classes, and P.E. Unusual electives can be very beneficial to students. It can open pathways to careers and passions that are not in the public’s limelight. Colleges also look for academic balance, like having multiple interests and different skill sets. So, in your opinion, what classes should we add to Sterling?

The second question asked if we should add a fundraising class as an elective to expand the school’s budget. Alex Petty and Pason Stimmel both agreed yes because we could use the money to donate and have better hot lunches. However, the rest said no because the Senate already does a great job, and fundraising could just be an extracurricular activity. Although fundraising is a great opportunity that students have the option to participate in, there are also some cons to balance out the pros. There are times when fundraising could bring in very little revenue, wasting the time of nearly everybody that worked in the fundraiser. Speaking of time, fundraising takes a huge time commitment that most people aren’t able to offer. Do you disapprove or approve of the fundraising class idea?