Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Halle

Olivia Erwin, Journalist

Mr. Halle is an amazing P.E. teacher, but why did he start teaching in the first place?

Mr. Halle was a young boy when he started thinking of being a teacher. He loved his middle school teachers and always looked up to them. Mr. Halle also likes baseball and wanted to go professional, but that did not work out.

Mr. Halle now teaches P.E. and coaches boys’ and girls’ 8th-grade soccer, girls’ 7th-grade basketball, and baseball. He loves his job, and his favorite game is 8 base because he loves it when everyone gets into the game and it gets wild and fun.

As you now know, Mr. Halle teaches P.E., but in the past, he has also taught math, health, and career education. That means that if you twist your ankle or need help on a word problem, you can always ask good-ol’ Mr. Halle!