De-Bunking Random Myths

De-Bunking Random Myths

Olivia Erwin, Camille Child, Journalist

The “ you need to drink 8 glasses of water in a day” Myth.

One myth we will cover today is that you have to drink eight glasses of water per day. While eight glasses is a good guideline, the water you need depends on where you live, your overall health, and your activity levels. Also, who knows the size of the cup that you are drinking from? So, some people may be completely hydrated and drink less than eight cups of water per day. But some people may need more than that. However, remember that we should always keep drinking water!


The “dogs only see black and white” Myth.

Do you ever think your dog’s vision is like an old television, and you see only black and white? Well, don’t worry because they don’t. The perception of color is determined by the presence of cells in the eye called cone photoreceptors. Dogs have two kinds of cones that are sensitive to blue and green light. This means they have a useful level of color vision.  The level of color vision in other animals depends on the presence and types of the cones. If you are ever wondering if your dog only sees the checkered board colors, remember that their brains can process more than two colors.


The “ you swallow 8 spiders a year in your sleep” Myth.

Even though it is possible to swallow a spider, the chances are very low. The vibrations that humans make when they sleep scare spiders. Also, there is no way to get factual evidence that everyone swallows spiders in their sleep. So, there is no need to be afraid of swallowing our eight-legged friends in your sleep. 


The “Einstein failed math class” Myth.

Never think Einstein was a bad kid in grade school; he was better than that. This myth is a really cool one, but alas, it is not true. It was started in a column called “Ripley’s believe it or not!” When Einstein read it, he said, “ Before I was 15, I had mastered differential integral calculus.” So, even though it is really ironic to think of arguably the most brilliant person in the world failing math class, it is not true.