Hot Takes and Pet Peeves

Everleigh Lawson, Journalist

Everyone has an opinion they can’t hold in, and maybe the most popular opinions are the ones that people rarely mention. Find out what some of your friends think about their hot takes and pet peeves.

A hot take is an unpopular opinion. It gets its name from being “hot” or stirring up a frenzy because it does not align with the majority of opinions. Ella Risdon said that Pop-Tarts are overrated, and Mr. Perez agreed. Ella Risdon also said that Samsung was better than Apple. Is it really, though? Mr. Barnes even announced, and I quote, that “There’s nothing hot about anyone here.” Emily Suydam mentioned that her hot takes were that baseball is not entertaining and chipotle is overrated. 

Pet peeves are more commonly known and can widely range from coughing without covering your mouth to talking during a movie. Multiple students from Sterling agreed that people chewing with their mouths open was incredibly annoying and one of the most popular pet peeves. Mr. Barnes’ pet peeve is the color purple (because it is related to the Huskies). Annesley Edwards, however, disagrees. She said that her pet peeve is the colors red and gray, which are the official colors of the Cougars. Mr. Hall stated that his pet peeve is when people litter and Mr. Vivanco’s is when you walk around with wet socks on. Madison Smiddy noted that her pet peeves were when people don’t have good hygiene and when they walk really slowly in the hallways. Chris Brandenburg said that she hates it when people don’t like rats, and Mrs. Rose said that people should never be rude.

So many opinions are floating around, and these are just a few of the many. What are your hot takes and pet peeves?