Wiffle Ball for Spring Recess?

Wiffle Ball for Spring Recess?

Nathan Pierce, Journalist

As years and years go by, we hear past students talking about how they once played spring Wiffle ball during recess. Why’d they take it away? It is a fun, easy game to play and a safe way to play baseball at school. I understand the safety reasons with bats, but can we spare a para to watch?

Many kids all across the country play wiffle ball every day, so why not incorporate it into school life?

Here is 9th-grade boy, Jackson Dodd he says,” Wiffle Ball should be added because I hit bombs, and I don’t think it would be a safety hazard because I believe that the kids will be responsible”.

There are other opinions too like 8th-grade boy Joel Manrings opinion,” We should add blitzball”, which is a game like wiffle ball just with a ball that has faster speeds and easier to throw nasty pitches, Joel also believes that… “We should add it as soon as the weather clears up and snow melts and our regular games outdoors”.

We’ve heard from the young, now what about the adult paras? Here is Mr. Andy’s opinion: ” Wiffle ball would be a great idea increasing student morale. I have played many games of wiffle ball and I don’t think it would be a safety hazard if we have a para monitoring”.

Well, we have heard from some of the students and teachers school-wide; what is your opinion?