Teachers Vs. Students

Have you ever wondered if a student could have more in common with a teacher than you might have realized? Would they like the same things? Well, we asked a large group of students and teachers the same basic questions, and their answers might surprise you. Did you know that Mr. Barnes, Mrs. Campfield, Mr. Hepton, Mrs. Toll, and Mrs. Malone all prefer Christmas as their favorite holiday? They share that same view with twenty of the thirty-seven students we interviewed, Oscar (9), Nathan (9), Jameson Maydole (8), Ethan Acton (8), Caden Donaghey (8), Albert Willms (8), Connor Morrison (8), Isaac Davies (8), Cash Murdock (8), Ethan Villa (8), Nash Moser (8), Luna (7), Mario (7), Tessa (7),  Autumn (7), Flor (7), Jessis Mendoza (7), Abbey (7), Brisa (7), and Isabella Schultz (7). 

Many students and teachers replied to our questions; we had many answers ranging from Thanksgiving all the way over to the Fourth of July! For example, four students and five teachers answered Thanksgiving, while only three teachers and two students answered the Fourth of July.

Blue was our most popular answer for people’s favorite color, with a whopping twenty-nine people preferring it to other colors; that’s fifteen teachers and fourteen students! 

There are quite a few answers to the question, “What’s your favorite subject?”. You may think the teachers would answer their favorite subject as the one they teach, but it turns out that fifty percent of all teachers we interviewed responded with a different subject than the one they currently teach. History was the most popular favorite subject among teachers, with nine saying they preferred it over other subjects, while among students, Science was the most popular, with four students preferring it. (please note that we neglected to ask some students about their favorite subject, so the numbers may vary)

 In conclusion, you might have more in common with your teachers than you might think, so try to strike up a conversation with one of your teachers! And finally, we would like to give a big thank you to all of the participants who took the time to answer our questions!